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Join us Friday, May 7th on Zoom from 8:30 to 1:30. Bring some contacts ready to be entered, as well as an attitude of curiosity. Let's make 2021 your best year yet.

Command LABS Day 5/7 8:30cst -1:30cst  


Want to make best use of your databank? Want to transform 500 met contacts into 36-41 units a year? It may sound crazy, but it's not. This is the power of the systems and models in the MREA. What it does take, though, is consistent on message follow-up with frequency and intensity. Just because consumers have a real estate transaction once every 3-7 years does not mean they don't know others in need during those time periods. People do business with, and refer business to, those they know, like, and trust. And we intend to leverage that process as much as possible with technology to remain in relationship, and at the center of the transaction. 

Command LABS Day is an all-day workshop designed to give agents the tools they need to be successful with Command's base applets. It will cover everything from Market Profile Setup, to the Consumer App, and implementation, with time for questions and a bit of hand-holding between.

Are you ready to stream-line your business at no additional cost?

This is a free class that is open to ALL agents in the region who wish to attend.


Schedule of the day:

8:30 Marketing Profile Completion
9:00 Contact Card Deep Dive
9:30 Call time for recent met contacts to add to their contact card
10:00 Smart Plans (36 touch primers / 8x8 / Nurtures / Open House)
11:15-12:35 Lunch
12:35 Agent Website Setup
1:00 Facebook Advertising
1:30 Sharing / Using Your Consumer App